II Place in National Geographic.PL competition 2010 -PIEKNA ZIMA.
Gold medal, and the pictures of the month August 2016 Norwegian Photo Contest NMi Naturfoto-Fotojakta - MAKRO-KOSMOS



Przyszly profesionalny fotograf / The future profs photographer / Framtid profs fotografer

Yesterday I met very nice people on airport in Stockholm.
Their 2 years old son was so CUTE!!! I couldn't stop watching him.

Look at him :) the future profs photographer :)

Best regards for parents
and thank you very much for a permission for publishing these pictures.

(Please do not download, copy, print or redistribute these pictures without my permission)

3 komentarze:

Izabelka pisze...

Musiało być mu ciężko :)

Sylwia Grabinska pisze...

Alez skad! Wywijal tym aparatem niezle. Sama sie dziwilam ze nie upuscil tego na podloge.

stiefbeen pisze...

Een groot fotograaf hij zal het nog ver schoppen.,

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